Posted by Chris Robideau on 06/17/2020

We hope all our clients remain safe and healthy through the COVID-19 Pandemic.  While various areas of the Nation are experiencing spikes and valleys in the spread of the virus, know we are taking responsible and appropriate measures to continue our project work within the confines of new public safety guidelines and regulations.  We are open and operational for business and dedicated to serving you responsibly.  It has been a difficult year operating under social distancing guidelines.  We miss seeing all of you during the important annual conferences and events, on your project sites, and in our technical and public meetings.  While it is not our preferred method of doing business, Red Plains has implemented technology to allow for electronic video and teleconferencing meetings and trainings, as a medium to stay connected and continue to provide our professional services.  In time we will hope to look back at this time as a challenge to our society that we were able to overcome as a unified Nation.  We honor those who have fallen during these challenging times. – Chris Robideau, President