Organized Village of Kake Cannery Utility Revitalization Project


Chris Robideau
Red Plains Professional, Inc.
2103 NE 129th Street
Suite 201
Vancouver, WA 98686


Mike Jackson
Director of Transportation
Organized Village of Kake – Keeper of the Circle
PO Box 316
Kake, AK 99830


Kake, AK

Project Description

The Red Plains engineering team developed survey, design, plans and specification to support the repair, rejuvenation and expansion of utilities supporting the Kake Cannery and nearby housing and administration offices. Our design focused primarily on improvements to over 800 linear feet of the water and waste water systems including a pump station. A unique and challenging project developed as portions of the utility systems were designed partially above ground along boardwalks and along floating dock systems to support the cannery and re-watering of docked ships. The system expanded the area's water and wastewater capacity which was a relatively small portion to the larger revitalization project currently underway for the Organized Village of Kake. Our engineers were involved in the design and managed a team of specialized professionals to complete this project.